How does Rydar work?

Rydar is a mobile app for drivers who work for ride-hailing and delivery services in the U.S. Rydar provides a number of features that help drivers work effectively, increase their earnings and control finances:

  • Hotspots – high demand areas nearby
  • High-demand alerts – notifications about increased demand
  • Calendar – upcoming popular events
  • MIleage and expenses tracker – precise and automatic tracker
  • Stats and recommendations – personalized tips on increasing effectiveness and earnings.

You can learn more about Rydar features in our blog. If you have questions about the app, don’t hesitate to email us at support@rydar.io

Does Rydar work in my city?

Rydar is working in all cities and areas across the United States where ride-hailing and delivery services are operating. The app is not currently available outside the U.S.

What ride-hailing and delivery services does Rydar support?

Rydar works for the following ride-hailing services: Uber, Lyft, Juno, Curb, Via, Arro, Bounce, RideAustin, Flit, Summon, Wings, Safr, HopSkipDrive, BlackLane, RideYellow, Chariot, Flywheel, Bahamas Ride, Kango, Kid Car, Zemcar, Zum, Bubbl, Carol Drives, Sheprd. And for the following delivery services as well: Uber Eats, GrubHub, Seamless, Eat24, Instacart, Postmates, Doordash, Amazon Flex, Favor, Caviar, Shipt, Munchery, Delivery.com, GoPuff, OrderUp, SkipTheDishes, Roadie, Deliv, Saucey, Eaze. If you drive for a service not available in the app, please let us know.

Can I use Rydar on different platforms?

You can use Rydar on iPhones and smartphones running Android OS. Download it on the App Store and Google Play for free.


Why do I need to connect my Uber and/or Lyft account to Rydar?

You connect your Uber and/or Lyft driver account to Rydar via the official APIs provided by Uber and Lyft accordingly. You need to connect your driver accounts to the app to receive relevant information about hotspots and automatically track your business trips. Rydar only has access to part of you information shared through the APIs. Rydar doesn’t have access to your financial details and other personal info. You enter your credentials on Uber and/or Lyft login pages.

Why does Rydar require constant access to location services?

Rydar needs to access location services on your phone all the time in order to track trips and send you high-demand alerts even when the app is working in the background or is closed. If you allow Rydar to access your location in the background, you won't miss any trips for mileage report and will be able to significantly save battery life in comparison with constantly running the app in the foreground.

Is it safe to share my personal data?

Rydar doesn't share any of your personal information with third parties. You can read more about how we collect and store information in our Privacy Policy

App features

What do different colors mean on the map?

All hotspots you see in Rydar vary by their “hotness.” The color of a hotspot is determined by its “hotness” index, calculated based on the combination of the following parameters:

  • Number of places nearby (places are taken from Foursquare and filtered by active hours, popularity, price tier, etc.)
  • Number of pick-ups that happened within the hotspot
  • Surge/Prime Time rate or increased demand for the areas where surge and Prime Time are no longer shown, ranging by the rate and duration.

The “hottest” hotspots are the brightest ones.

How hotspots are formed?

In Rydar, we use machine learning to form hotspots. In particular, the system analyzes the following info:

  • Number of places nearby (places are taken from Foursquare and filtered by active hours, popularity, price tier, etc.)
  • Number of pick-ups that happened within the hotspot
  • Surge/Prime Time rate or increased demand for the areas where surge and Prime Time are no longer shown, ranging by the rate and duration.

The color of a hotspot is determined by its “hotness” index, calculated based on the combination of the above mentioned parameters. The “hottest” hotspots are the brightest ones.

Are hotspots the same for different services, e.g. Uber and Lyft?

Hotspots are formed independently for different services. However, while pick-up history and dynamic prices are different for different ride-hailing services, some other factors, such as popular places nearby are the same. So some hotspots may be quite similar for different services.

What does high demand (flame icons) mean?

In some U.S. markets, Uber and Lyft changed the way surge / Prime Time work. For these test markets we’ve developed our system of determining areas of high demand. We analyze price increases in the rider apps and show three tiers of demand: increased demand, high demand and extreme demand. They are illustrated with the flame icons – one, two and three flames accordingly.

How do I determine the best hotspot to drive?

You have a number of ways to choose where to head to:

  • Change you status in the app to “working” for one of the ride-hailing or delivery services and find the “brightest” hotspot near you – it is usually the best driving destination at the moment based on a number of factors, such as increased demand rate, history of pick-ups at this spot and a number of popular places nearby
  • As soon as you indicate what service you’re driving for, Rydar will scan the area for you and send you an alert with the best hotspot around you so that you don’t need to find it yourself. The app will find the best combination of “hotness” and driving time.

You can also tap on hotspots to view detailed info and the time it takes to get there to make a final decision.

Why do I need to enter my earnings in Rydar?

Rydar is especially useful for those drivers who work for several ride-hailing and delivery services. It’s not always easy to determine driving for which of them brings you more money. For that purpose, we urge you to add your earnings after every shift. Rydar will then show you your earnings and hourly rates with a breakdown by service. In addition, after some time, the app will analyze your driving patterns and send you personalized recommendations on how you can improve your driving. Such recommendations may include tips on when it’s better to drive for a certain service, the best driving time and suggestions to start working for new services that operate in your market and can be profitable for you.

How do I set the app to only alert me about hotspots with surge?

Open Settings in Rydar and head to High-demand notifications. There you’ll see a list of options for customization. For example, you can select how often you want to receive notifications, to only receive notifications about surge / Prime Time rates increases, to get alerted only when you’re driving without a passenger, etc.

How to download mileage and expenses reports?

Open Rydar on your mobile device - go to Dashboard and select “Download report” (the Arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen.) You can either save the report as PDF/XLS or send it to your email. If you need to make any changes to your trips or expenses, make them in the app or on the website first, and then download the report.

App issues

I don’t see any hotspots in Rydar

Please try the following steps if you don’t see hotspots in the app:

  • Check if you’ve selected one of business statuses, e.g. Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, etc. When you open the app, you’re in the Personal mode by default. As hotspots are linked to particular services, they are not displayed when your status in the app is Personal.
  • Check the Working radius you’ve selected in the app: Settings - Working radius. Unless you work in a densely populated market, we recommend that you choose a big radius – the maximum is 100 mi.
  • There are certain times of the day when there may be no hotspots around you, e.g. early in the morning.

If you have more questions about hotspots in Rydar, please check out this post in our blog.

My trips were mistakenly logged as personal

Trips that are tracked by Rydar are automatically logged as business or personal depending on your status in the app. When you indicate that you’re working for Uber, all your trips will be logged as Uber trips. As soon as you change your status to Personal, the app will record personal trips. If you forget to timely change the status, you can open Dashboard in the app, select the Trips tab and reclassify necessary trips.

My earnings in Rydar are incorrect

We urge you to enter your earnings at the end of every shift you drive for a certain service. If you forgot to add earnings for a shift, you can do it later in the app. In addition, you can add tips and bonuses to view correct numbers of your earnings in Rydar.

The app doesn't send me notifications

If you don't receive high-demand alerts or notifications about the start of events, please make sure that you've allowed Rydar to send you notifications:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone - go to the Notifications section - find Rydar in the list of apps and make sure all alerts are enabled
  • Open Settings in the Rydar app and make sure you have all kinds of notifications enabled
  • Make sure you’ve selected one of the “working” statuses, i.e. Uber, Lyft, Doordash, etc.
  • Set a broader Notifications radius in Settings, e.g. select the maximum available 30 mi.

If you have any other issues with alerts, contact us at support@rydar.io

The app doesn't track trips

Rydar uses Location Services and Motion Activity on your iPhone to track your trips.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone - Privacy - Location Services - find Rydar in the list of apps and select Always to provide the app access to your location. Open Settings on your iPhone - Privacy - Motion Activity and turn on Fitness Tracking for Rydar.
  • On Android, check if you’ve allowed Rydar to access Location services in the app’s settings.
  • Make sure you’ve selected one of the “working” statuses, i.e. Uber, Lyft, Doordash, etc. for the app to log your trips correctly.
  • Don’t “kill” the app, i.e. allow Rydar to run in the background.

If the above mentioned steps don’t help, contact us at support@rydar.io

Why not all events are shown in my city?

Rydar does not display all events that are going on in your city. We carefully select the biggest and the most significant music, sports and theater events and show them in the app. We take information about events and venues from third-party providers, filter it and display only those events that can be interesting for ride-hailing drivers.

I cannot connect my Uber account with Rydar

Uber verification in Rydar is made through the official Uber Driver API. If you don't receive a mobile verification text, please check out this troubleshooting guide from Uber If you have any other problems with connecting your Uber account, please try to reinstall Rydar or wait some time and try again. If that doesn't help, let us know about the problem at support@rydar.io


How much does Rydar subscription cost?

Rydar is free to download and use. There are a few features that are available for Premium users only. They include:

  • Unlimited trip detection
  • High-demand notifications
  • One-click navigation
  • Recurring expenses
  • Receipts storage in the cloud.

You can use Rydar for free or choose between monthly or annual Premium plans. Monthly subscription costs $8.99, while annual plan costs $59.99 ($4.99 if to calculate the monthly cost.) Both subscriptions are auto-renewable and can be managed in your Google Play or App Store account.
Please note that the cost of subscription is tax deductible as one of your business-related expenses (Check with your tax professional.)

How can I cancel my free trial/subscription?

To cancel subscription on iOS, use this instruction from Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039 To cancel subscription on Android, follow these steps: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481. You'll have access to the features included in the subscription price till it expires, but it won't automatically renew.

I purchased a subscription, but it doesn't work in the app

Please open Settings in the app - Subscription and tap "Restore purchase" button. If that doesn't help, please email us at support@rydar.io

I referred a friend, but Premium didn’t unlock in the app for me

When a friend registers in Rydar using the unique code you’ve shared with them, Premium unlocks for you within 24 hours. Please wait a little bit and check again. If 24 hours passed, and you still didn’t receive your free Premium, please email us at support@rydar.io