Optimal pick-up points

RYDAR shows you places where you will get a guaranteed ride request. Drive there after you
drop off a passenger to maximize your earnings.

Crowded places

View the most promising destination points alongside a group of popular places and events.

Sophisticated algorithm

Wait points are created taking into account places' rating, popularity and current surge rates.

Optimal route

Select a distance you are ready to drive and the app will suggest you a route in any district.

Different options

Refresh the page to view a few variants and select the one that works best for you.

Convenient navigation

Navigate to the spot with one of your favorite apps - Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze.

Mileage and expenses tracker

RYDAR automatically tracks all your trips and logs them as business or personal. Specially
developed for rideshare drivers.

Earnings & expenses

Keep track of your earnings and write off rideshare expenses, from car wash to passenger goodies.

Automatic tracking

All your trips are tracked and logged automatically using your phone's GPS and other sensors.

Easy classification

The app automatically classifies trips as business or personal, you just need to indicate when you're working.

Detailed reports

Export mileage logs in the IRS‑ready standard format, ready to be filed. No more paper logging.

Save time and money

Every mile you drive for rideshare services is worth you 53.5 cents in tax deductions.

Planning your work in advance

RYDAR shows you upcoming events in your city. Choose the best ones, and benefit from
planning in advance.

Concerts & sports

Look through the upcoming music and sports events for the next 3 months and choose the most promising ones.

Detailed info

See how big the venue is, its address, distance to it from your location and active time.

Personal schedule

Plan your work in advance to minimize waiting time and benefit from the best ride requests.

Get notifications

RYDAR will notify you when the event is coming to a close and it's time to drive there.

All popular places on the map

We show you the most popular places and events based on Google, Facebook
and Foursquare data and current surge pricing.


The best music events in your city - from big shows to concerts in local clubs.

Sports events

Don't miss big games. Lakers and Yankees always bring high surge rates and lots of ride requests.

Crowded places

Cafes, restaurants, night clubs, hotels - black pins show upcoming events, red pins signify events that active right now.


Places where demand for rideshare cars is traditionally high at a certain time based on analysis of millions of trips.

Surge pricing

Monitor surge rates at any spot on the map and receive alerts when surge is high within a selected distance.

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